Watch: Keir Starmer holds press conference at Downing Street after holding first Labour cabinet meeting

Keir Starmer held a press conference after his new Labour government met for the first time and one day after becoming the new prime minister.

Taking place inside 10 Downing Street, the Labour leader had just finished laying out expectations to his new cabinet.

Key figures in the cabinet include Angela Rayner as deputy prime minister and levelling up secretary, Wes Streeting as Health Secretary, and Rachel Reeves - who has become the first female chancellor in over 800 years. Ed Miliband is returning to a senior role as the energy secretary.

Mr Starmer has had a busy few days over the election, campaigning up until the last minute, before meeting with the King yesterday (5 July) to be invited to start his premiership.

The Conservative party lost over 250 seats in the election, despite being in power for the last 14 years.

Reform UK, Green Party, and the Liberal Democrats have all celebrated their own outcomes.