Watch: Boeing whistleblower testifies about plane defects at Senate committee

Watch as a Boeing whistleblower appears before Richard Blumenthal's Senate subcommittee on safety on Wednesday, 17 April.

The aircraft manufacturer is the subject of back-to-back hearings today as Congress examines allegations of major failures.

It comes after a door-plug panel blew off a 737 Max jetliner during an Alaska Airlines flight in January.

Investigators are focusing on four bolts that were allegedly removed and not replaced during repairs in a Boeing factory.

A Senate hearing today will feature a Boeing engineer who claims that sections of the skin on 787 Dreamliner jets could eventually break apart as they are not properly fastened.

Sam Salehpour has sent documents to the Federal Aviation Administration, which is investigating the quality and safety of Boeing’s manufacturing.

Mr Salehpour's lawyer says the aircraft manufacturer has ignored the engineer’s concerns and stopped him from talking to experts about fixing issues.

Ed Pierson, a former manager on the Boeing 737 program, also testified as well as two other aviation technical experts on the witness list.

Boeing says the company is cooperating with the inquiry and will provide documents and briefings, and maintains claims about the 787’s structural integrity are untrue.

CEO David Calhoun says Boeing is taking steps to improve its manufacturing quality and safety culture.