Watch Josh Brolin strip down to his underwear, plunge into ice bath for “SNL” monologue: 'Just jump right in!'

"Scary, it's exhilarating, your penis is in your stomach."

Josh Brolin — actor, poet, three-time Saturday Night Live host, and ice bath connoisseur — is no stranger to embracing discomfort.

Just in case there were any doubts, the Dune: Part Two star used his latest SNL monologue to clear things up. On Saturday's episode, Brolin compared the difficult task of hosting the sketch comedy show to taking a cold plunge bath — and naturally, that culminated with him stripping off his clothes and dipping into an ice bath live on the air.

“You know I’ve been doing cold plunges for 20 years, right?” Brolin told viewers, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. “And the only thing I can compare this show to is that. I mean, hosting is like jumping into an ice bath.”

<p>Saturday Night Live/YouTube</p> Josh Brolin strips for his 'SNL' monologue

Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Josh Brolin strips for his 'SNL' monologue

As a crew member wheeled out a bathtub filled with chilly water, Brolin pulled off his jacket and shirt.

“It’s scary, it’s exhilarating, your penis is in your stomach. There’s just no way to prepare for it,” Brolin continued, taking off his pants. “So what you gotta do is just jump right in!”

Down to just his underwear, Brolin exclaimed, “Surrender to the discomfort!” Lowering himself into the cold bath, the MCU actor then made reference to Thanos’ iconic Avengers: Infinity War line, shouting, “I am inevitable!”

This was not the only time Brolin went shirtless on the show. The first skit of the night, starring him and Heidi Gardner as weirdly frisky customers in a bank robbery, also ended with Brolin in his undies.

Meanwhile, earlier in his monologue, Brolin embraced discomfort of another kind by addressing the online response to the poetry he penned while working on the Dune sequel.

“I wrote an apparently super-creepy poem about Timothée Chalamet,” Brolin said. “But I don’t think it’s creepy.”

For reference, the poem calls attention to Chalamet’s cheekbones, “youth-laden eyes,” and “lips of a certain poetry,” with one verse that reads, “The way you hold my gaze / Makes me fear my own age / Because something in me tells me / You are going to offer me something and / For now / I’m not sure/ It’s going to be / Something / I want anymore.”

After reciting a snippet of his poetry, Brolin admitted, “I mean it’s weird, yeah, but, no, I don’t wanna sleep with him. I write poems about everyone I work with.”

To prove his point, the actor read a few lines he'd drafted about Kenan Thompson's “ageless face” and “sultry eyes,” earning an understandably baffled reaction from the SNL cast member.

Watch Thompson cycle through a range of facial expressions while Brolin reads his weird-ass poetry in the full video above.

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