WATCH: Lurking great white shark steals fishermen's catch

A group of fisherman got more than they bargained for when a great white shark stole their catch.

The moment the sea giant snatched the squid was caught on camera off Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

The fishing trip quickly turned into a frenzy as the great white circled the boat.

Daniel Medlin pressed record as a three-metre-long shark circled the boat. Source: 7 News
The shark went straight for the bag full of squid. Source: 7 News

Daniel Medlin, his dad and a cousin were squid fishing just a few hundred metres off the shore at Moonta Bay when they noticed the three-metre-long shark lurking nearby.

“There was actually a pod of dolphins coming through, so it looked like a dolphin initially,” Daniel said.

“Dad’s like, ‘is that a shark?’ We looked over the side and boom, he was coming straight for the burley bag.”

Daniel hit the record button as the great white helped itself to a bag full of freshly-caught squid.

“They’re a beautiful animal, I have a lot of respect for them, they are the king of the ocean,” he said.

Daniel Medlin said he had a ‘lot of respect’ for sharks, calling them ‘the king of the ocean.’ Source: 7 News

Wednesday’s close encounter comes as regular shark patrols begin along the coastline.

They will continue until April next year, with shark-spotting aircraft adding an extra eye in the sky to protect beachgoers.

“They’re just a part of the ecosystem, they’ll move on their merry way as they normally do,” Ben Laurenson from Surf Life Saving SA said.

“They might be inquisitive creatures and have a look at the boat, have a sniff around, but generally they move on.”