WATCH: Hero cowboy thwarts armed robbery in convenience store

The heroic actions of a customer who apprehended an an armed robber at a convenience store have been caught on camera.

Heart-stopping footage shows a man in a cowboy hat grab the gunman at the store in Monterrey, Mexico, on April 23.

The robber can be seen entering the store before pointing a gun at the man standing next to a cashier.

The robber can be seen pointing his gun at a man in a cowboy hat before briefly turning to another customer. Source: Facebook/ Carnes Cares

The gunman briefly turns to face another customer, prompting the man in the hat to jump on him, wrapping his arms around him as the gun drops to the floor.

He then chases him around the store as the robber tries to escape, but manages to restrain the man with the help of employees at the store.

Police arrived shortly after and placed the man under arrest, KGNS reported.

The customer seizes the opportunity to pounce on the gunman, forcing his weapon out of his hands. Source: Facebook/ Carnes Cares