WATCH: Fisherman reels in giant 12-foot shark at beach

A WA fisherman has been left in disbelief after he managed to reel in a giant 12-foot tiger shark at a local beach.

Remarkable footage shows the man, identified only as Jack, hook the shark, before pulling it in at the Perth beach on April 11.

“We got him! Look at the fish! Oh my god! It’s a beast,” he declares to his friend accompanying him.

Jack was enjoying a day fishing at the beach on April 11 when he hooked the catch of his life. Source: Newsflare
It took him several minutes to reel in the giant predator. Source: Newsflare

The angler revealed his “huge” catch could have weighed more than 400kg.

“12 foot! 12 foot! That is massive!” he declared after measuring the predator.

After an exhilarating few minutes, Jack releases the shark back into the water after tagging it.

Jack and his friend measured the tiger shark at a whopping 12 feet. Source: Newsflare

“That was the most exciting thing ever,” he says.

At one point in the video, the shark even slaps him in the face with its fin.

Tiger sharks are responsible for a large percentage of fatal shark bite incidents, second to great whites.

Jack released the shark back into the water after tagging it. Source: Newsflare