WATCH: Little girl filmed riding on alligator's back during birthday party

A little girl was filmed riding on a giant alligator during a children's birthday party in the US.

The predator was commanded to walk the room with the girl on top of it, in what's claimed to be a shocking party trick to promote conservation.

The stunt reportedly took place at a Jim Nesci’s Cold Blooded Creatures’ event, a Chicago-owned company that aims to promote "conservation through education" at children's parties, Mirror UK reported.

The girl apparently rode on top of a 2.4m alligator at a children's birthday party. Source: Viral Nova

In the video, the girl sat on top of the giant reptile named Bubba, as it walked the room in front of people laughing and filming.

At one point the girl hops up and flees across the room as the massive gator went to lay on the ground.

However, the girl was told to get back on Bubba's back and the pair continued to trot about the room.

The little girl was seen giving her audience a thumbs up.

At one point the girl goes to hop off Bubba as it went to lay down. Source: Viral Nova

It is unclear where the video was filmed, but it reportedly dates back to 2013 and has only recently been uploaded to Facebook.

Footage of the shocking 'party trick' sparked controversy over fears for the animal and child's welfare.

One person wrote: "Not only are the children at risk, but the alligators are, too.

"Unlike horses, camels or pack animals, an alligator's back is not built to support the weight of a human."