WATCH: Cat's incredible trick to attract new owners

An elderly rescue cat has found a new way to tempt potential owners into giving him a home – by adopting a meow that sounds uncannily like ‘hello’.

Humbug, 12, left rescue centre staff speechless after she started making the human-like greeting to potential new owners.

The black and white cat was filmed by one worker repeatedly making the human-like noise.

The team at animal charity, Wood Green, is now hoping that Humbug’s attention-grabbing trick could help her win over a new owner and finally get her a forever home.

An elderly rescue cat desperate to find a home has began chatting up visitors – by meowing “hello”.
Humbug, who is blind in one eye, is desperate to find a new home.

Clare Wiltshire, team leader of cat rehoming, said Humbug is so desperate to finally find a forever home that she’s saying “hello” to everyone who walks past.

“We couldn’t believe what we were hearing when she first came in, she’s definitely stealing the limelight here at the centre,” Ms Wiltshire said.

Humbug, who is blind in one eye, was brought to the charity’s centre in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, after a woman who was caring for her as a stray passed away.

“She is completely unfazed by her unsettled past, she craves attention and adores being fussed. We would love to find her a place she can really call home,” Ms Wiltshire added.