WATCH: Bystanders scream as toddlers dangle from second-floor window

Terrified pedestrians have watched on in horror as a pair of toddlers dangled from the second-floor ledge of a Chicago apartment building.

Vision of the incident on Tuesday afternoon shows several Good Samaritans standing beneath the window with their arms outstretched

“I got under the window just in case the baby fell,” Denise Ochoa told WLS.

“Every time they would move, we would get scared because we didn’t know if they would fall off the window or not.”

Pedestrians watched on in horror as the two toddlers dangled their legs over the edge of the apartment block. Source: Facebook/Jennifer Salgado
Pedestrians stood with their arms outstretched before Mr Patel arrived with a ladder. Source: Facebook/Jennifer Salgado

That’s when Darshan Patel came running to the scene carrying a ladder. He swiftly climbed up to the second floor before placing the toddlers back inside.

“I just did what I had to do as a human,” Patel –the man with the ladder — told WLS. “I’m not going to stop helping people.”

Neither child was hurt but police said the Department of Children and Family Services had been notified.