Warsaw Crowd Gathers for Celebration After Judicial Bills Vetoed by President

Jubilant protesters gathered in front of Warsaw’s Presidential Palace on the night of July 25 for a celebrate concert after President Andrzej Duda’s announcement that he would veto two controversial judicial reform bills.

The veto comes after weeks of large-scale protests throughout Poland, and warnings from the European Union that the bills could result in legal action or sanctions.

The ruling Law and Justice party wanted to force the resignation of the sitting judges in Poland’s Supreme Court and give politicians power over the committee that appoints new Supreme Court judges. A third bill giving the justice minister the ability to hire and fire judges in the lower courts was signed by President Duda.

Poland’s constitution allows for parliament to override a presidential veto but this would require the support of 60 percent of MPs. Credit: Instagram/tomaszstanek via Storyful