Warning for swimmers after fisherman reels in huge shark off popular beach

A fisherman has reeled in a large shark on a popular Queensland beach, prompting residents to reevaluate their local swimming spot.

A photograph uploaded to Facebook on Friday shows a fisherman with the beached shark at Margate beach, about 40 kilometres north of Brisbane’s CBD.

“Saw this being caught at Margate beach this evening around 7.30pm,” wrote poster Trish Sheahan.

“I only saw this one being caught. However, I am told he caught another shark prior to this one.”

The image shows the fisherman with the shark on Margate beach. Source: Facebook/Trish Sheahan

Ms Sheahan confirmed that the shark was released after being caught.

Some social media users claimed this was not the first shark sighting at the location.

“Someone caught a shark there yesterday afternoon too,” one Facebook user said.

“Just after Boxing Day I saw a similar one leap one metre out of the water 20 metres from swimmers, about 29 metres from rocks just near the Surf Life Savers building,” another Facebook user wrote.

Margate beach is popular with locals – and apparently a hot spot for sharks. Source: Google Maps

“My sister used to live on the beach front at Margate we saw them all the time,” one Facebook user claimed.

The catch attracted a warning from one Facebook user: “Never swim at dawn or dusk.”

While others took other safety precautions.

“Omg didn’t think we had that problem,” one surprised local said.

“Beach out, we will stick with pools,” another said.

Many viewers urged the fisherman to leave the shark alone, however it was made clear that the hook was removed before the shark was released into the ocean.