The popular household trend behind a spike in children poisoned at home

A surge in popularity of essential oils being used in the home has put the liquid among the top causes for parents calling the poisons helpline.

A startling 74 per cent of essential oil poisoning cases involved children aged under five in South Australia alone, Nine News reported.

“As little as five millilitres of eucalyptus oil can render a child unconscious in as little as 15 minutes,” Dr Nicola Spurrier from South Australia Health told the network.

Parents have been warned to be more careful with where they store their essential oils. Source: File/Getty Images

More than 4000 calls were made to the poisons information centre already this year, with household cleaners and medications two of the major causes for concern.

Parents have been urged to conduct a full-scale sweep of their home to scan for items that could pose risks to their children.

“We would recommend that parents do a full safety check of their home - searching every room, (and) getting down at child’s level for areas where they might find poisons,” McKeely Denholm from SA Kidsafe said.

A shocking 74 per cent of calls to the poison information line in South Australia involved children under age five. Source: File/Getty Images

Toxic substances should be stored out of reach and locked away in cabinets to ensure children can’t come into contact with them.

Dr Spurrier said it was crucial parents called for help if they suspected a toxic contamination even if their child hadn’t shown noticeable signs of illness.

According to the Department of Health, essential oils are never safe to ingest despite some companies claiming they were “natural” and therefore fine for consumption.

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