Warning over dangerous pyjamas being sold to Aussie kids

Hundreds of dangerous pyjamas have been pulled from the shelves of retailers in Sydney after they were found to be in serious breach of Fair Trading laws.

Following an investigation into the privately imported clothing products which was carried out by 40 stores across Sydney’s western suburbs, 500 garments were seized.

Investigators found that despite the items being made from highly flammable materials, they were being sold with no fire hazard warning labels, Nine Now reported.

The Buu Buu Children's two-piece cotton set was one garment found to not have regulatory labelling. Source: NSW Fair Trading

Valerie Griswold from NSW Fair Trading said sleepwear made from loose synthetic fibres was highly dangerous when in a heated environment, making safety labels absolutely imperative.

Ms Griswold told Today it was likely small businesses were dodging “border agents” by importing bulk products themselves.

Mandatory safety standards for children’s sleepwear were tightened in 2017, meaning all sleepwear requires clear safety warnings.

Ms Griswold warned shoppers not to ever purchase sleepwear that didn’t have a fire safety hazard warning.

Clayton Super Discount Shop's Children's Sleepwear which did not have the required fire hazard labelling. Source: NSW Fair Trading

“Every single piece of sleepwear that's sold in NSW must have a fire hazard label and absolutely none of these have a fire label attached to them,” she told the program.

All of the problem pyjamas would have been either too flammable to be sold, or required a category four label - the warning for highly flammable items.

Consumers who suspect they purchased a pair of children’s pyjamas without fire labelling should return them to the retailer for a full refund.

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