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Warning for dog owners after 'pure evil' find on Melbourne streets

Dog owners in Melbourne's inner-city area have been warned after reports emerged about "crushed up poison" being left on streets.

A post was shared on the Stonnington Dogs Instagram page on Wednesday after several South Yarra residents noticed strange lumps on the ground.

Photos show what looks to be chunks of meat left on footpaths, roads and grassed areas, all within easy reach of pets roaming the area.

It's unknown exactly what's inside, but it's believed to be harmful.

Dog baits disguised as food on street (left) dog in sunny field (right)
South Yarra residents noticed the bait disguised as food on various streets in the area. Source: Instagram/Getty

"Some disturbed person is leaving meat with some sort of crushed up poison in it on the streets, footpaths and grass," the post warned.

"If you see some please take a photo of where you found it, use a litter bag to pick it up and throw it in a bin, and report it to council."

Poison baits are usually used to control wild dogs that are wreaking havoc on livestock, and strict regulations are in place to ensure it's done safely.

However, baits can not be used in areas where pets and guardian dogs can be impacted.

Following the initial post, the page admins revealed that the animal management team at the Stonnington City Council were "investigating" reports of dog baits in the South Yarra area and that patrols were being increased.

"Please be on the look-out and guard your pet from eating any suspect food that may be left in their path," it posted.

Pet owners respond: 'Pure evil'

Local dog owners were shocked by the news, with many grateful for the warning.

"I’ve seen these around and was confused! Thanks for letting us know!" one person wrote.

"Why would anyone do that?" another person questioned.

"This is pure evil," someone else said.

"That’s sick and sad," wrote another.

"This very alarming. Honestly there are some sick people in this world," a fourth raged.

Signs your dog has been poisoned

According to the RSPCA, signs of poisoning can vary drastically depending on the size of your pet, how much they consumed and the type of poison they ingested.

But it's important to look out for signs such as lethargy, weakness, wobbliness, loss of appetite, coughing, pale gums and bulging from the eyes.

There could also be obvious external signs of haemorrhaging such as bruising, vomiting blood or bloody faeces or urine.

Pet owners who fear their animal has been poisoned should contact a vet immediately. Seeking treatment is critical.

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