War medal delivered to Queensland veteran

Sonia Kohlbacher

A decorated World War II veteran who was saved from a fire that destroyed his Brisbane home has been awarded a replacement medal of France's highest military honour.

Arthur Jackson, known locally as Bob and a recipient of France's Legion of Honour, lost his Salisbury home, his dogs and a war medal in last month's blaze.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk visited the 99-year-old in hospital on Wednesday to deliver a replacement medal arranged by French authorities.

"I cherish it as being representative of the little good that's in the bloody world," the veteran told the Nine Network.

Ms Palaszczuk expressed her gratitude at how quickly the replacement medal was arranged.

"I would like to extend my personal gratitude to President Macron, French Ambassador Penot and all of the staff at the French Embassy for prioritising this request and organising a new medal in such a short amount of time," she said.

"I know the community has great affection for Mr Jackson and will continue to support him in whatever way they can on his journey to recovery."

Bob was awarded the Legion of Honour medal for working alongside Allied forces to liberate France during World War II.

Days after he waved to crowds during an Anzac Day parade in Brisbane, Bob was saved from his burning house by neighbour Simon Royston.

Mr Royston found Bob standing at the top of the stairs with fire raging behind him.

"He was battling to come down the stairs. His eyes were watering and I think he'd been trying to battle the blaze by himself for a little while before shouting out for help," Mr Royston said at the time.

The community has since raised $31,000 to assist Bob.