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Updated daily: Walmart's 40 best deals to snag this week — TVs, home essentials and more

Welcome the fall with Walmart's marvelous markdowns on Dyson vacs, cookware and more!
If this sampling of spectacular deals seems to suggest that you'll soon be spending a lot more time indoors, well, it does and you will be, so stock up and save! (Walmart)

Let's face it: Summer is gone — not officially, but effectively. Which leaves us in that nondescript state where it's hot as heck during the day but bracingly crisp come nightfall ... which comes ever earlier with each passing day. It's gorgeous and invigorating and bittersweet all at once. So how about celebrating these last few days of summer with a slew of spectacular deals at Walmart? Ready for a fall home refresh? Score $170 off a coveted Dyson vacuum. Need a new TV for football season? Snag a 65-inch smart set for $398. Or bliss out on a foliage hike with these crystal-clear noise-canceling headphones, now marked down over 70%. Ready? Take a running start and jump into these bargains like they're a pile of fallen leaves!

The best sales at Walmart

  • Carote Nonstick Pots and Pans Set, 8 Pcs

    Save $160
  • Cate & Chloe Isabel 18k White Gold Teardrop Earrings

    Save $133

Best vacuum sales

Dyson V8 Origin+ Cordless Vacuum
Who you gonna call? Dyson! Dust bunnies, dirt and dander won't plague your floors any longer when you grab this big guy. (Walmart)

Meet the latest addition to your cleaning brigade: The Dyson V8 Origin+ Cordless Vacuum. Don't be fooled by its slim profile: It may look like a 98-pound weakling, but it kicks sand in the face of its competitors. It's specially designed for cleaning up after the relentless sheddings, scratchings and, um, soilings of your home's four-legged residents, and it does it by being a ruthless predator. Seamless switching from hard flooring to carpet, a self-adjusting cleaner head designed to seal in its powerful suction and a "tangle-free turbine tool" are just some of the weapons in its detritus-destroying arsenal. "I really like my Dyson cleaner," revealed one five-star reviewer. "It picks up great and is easy to use. Use low speed, and the battery lasts through two or more cleanings of our living room, kitchen, utility room, and a big bedroom or more."

$250 $420 at Walmart

Best TV and home entertainment sales

Vizio Smart TV
Speaking of Bears: Don't have season tickets to see your favorite NFL team play? No worries — this set will have you up close and personal with every pass, hit and fumble. (Walmart)

Hollywood strikes aside, the TV gods are about to bless us with a ton of new programming this fall. How about a TV upgrade? You won't do better — and at a better price — than this shiny 65-inch set from Vizio. Its vibrant 4K picture quality will make it feel like you’re living out each scene in real time. It also includes Dolby Vision HDR, which boasts incredible brightness. In addition to its crisp and clear display, this comes with the brand’s SmartCast, which streams thousands of movies and shows. “Great product. I’ve always loved Vizio products, and this one most certainly did not disappoint! Amazing picture, works great with the soundbar, and gaming on it is insane!” reported a happy user.

$398 $528 at Walmart

Best tech sales

Vilinice headphones.
Fall may be the most introspective time of year. What better time to shut out the world's noise and get some mental "me" time? (Walmart)

Tune the world out as soon as you put on these Vilinice Noise-Cancelling Headphones — they're a Walmart bestseller, and for good reason. They'll transport you into your favorite e-books, jams and podcasts, thanks to their sound-enhancing technology. Plus, they have memory foam padding that keeps your ears comfy for hours. Have we mentioned they're almost 80% off? "Use them every day!" reported a thrilled shopper. "I'm autistic, and being in the world can be too loud and overwhelming. These headphones, even without music playing, muffled the extra noise."

$22 $100 at Walmart

Best home sales

Queen pillow set
You'll be floating in dreamland like this turtle, atop recycled plastic that's no longer polluting his habitat. (Walmart)

A serious mattress isn't the only support you need to get a good night's rest. Adding a quality set of pillows not only contributes to a solid snooze but also keeps your head and neck healthily elevated. If you're due for a new pair, you've come to the right place. This duo from Allerease stays plush no matter how many thousands of hours you clock on them. They're made from fiberfill derived from ocean-bound plastic and a soft 100% recycled polyester cover. Oh, and right now they're only 25 bucks. Yeah — for two. "These are the best supportive soft pillows," shared a (now) happy slumberer. "They are like sleeping on a cloud. They are also washable and easy to fluff back up. I have owned this particular type of pillow for many years."

$25 $60 at Walmart

  • Melliful Halloween Mist Maker Fogger with Cauldron

    Save $42
  • Serta Cooling Memory Foam Pillow, Set of 2

    Save $16

Best outdoor sales

Raised Garden Bed
Have your co-workers thinking you're an agribusiness tycoon as you regale them with talk of new fertilizer strains, heirloom veggies and crop rotation. They don't need to know it's all happening on your closet-sized balcony! (Walmart)

If your gardening dreams are bigger than your home's square footage, you can sow and cultivate plants and veggies in your own private patch, thanks to this ingenious garden bed. It provides a five-tier design that will allow you to create a little bit of paradise — on your porch or driveway, even in your laundry room. "My wife loves plants and herbs. This was perfect for planting flowers and herbs, so you don't need to bend down to pick em' off," gushed a gleeful gardener. "The five tiers make it so you can have a large variety of plants all going at the same time. The stand is nice and sturdy; it holds up well to strong winds around where I live."

$45 $73 at Walmart

  • Melliful 6-foot Halloween Inflatable 3 Ghosts on a Pumpkin

    Save $58

Best kitchen sales

Carote pots and pans set.
Back to life, back to reality. Now that summer's over and the grill's been packed away, it's time to get thee back to the kitchen ... and work some miracles with this spanking-new cookware set. (Walmart)

Getting yourself a new cookware ensemble is usually a pretty pricey proposition. That’s why Carote's eight-piece set for only $60 nearly made us spit out our coffee. The stunning (nonstick) collection includes a 9.5-inch frying pan skillet, an 11-inch frying pan skillet, a 4.5-quart sauté pan, a 1.8-quart saucepan, a 4.3-quart casserole dish and three lids. The pans are made from induction-ready granite material, so they're safe for all stovetops. “I seriously had doubts, I was wrong,” admitted a fan. “I had been looking for pots and pans that do the exact same thing these pans do. Not one single ounce of regret buying these. These pots and pans deserve to be in everyone’s kitchens. You’re going to love them!”

$60 $220 at Walmart

  • The Pioneer Woman Assorted Dinnerware Set, 12-Piece

    Save $14

Best style sales

silver teardrop earrings
A $133 markdown on these? That's what we call a gem of a deal! (Walmart)

In need of some new bling but don't want to get rocked by the price tag? These stunning Cate & Chloe Isabel 18k Teardrop Earrings are on sale for just $17 ($133 off!). Decked with cubic zirconia crystals, they'll elevate any outfit, even your daily yoga getup. Pictured is the silver version, but they're also available in yellow and rose gold. "Absolutely beautiful. They look way more expensive than they are," wrote a bejeweled buyer. "They have a classic, timeless, elegant look that can be worn with a gown or jeans."

$17 $150 at Walmart

  • Coach X Disney Villains Snow White Poison Apple Huggie Earrings

    Save $36
  • Lissome Satin Checkered Sleep Set, 2-Piece

    Save $10

Best beauty and wellness sales

Fairywell Oscillating toothbrush and interchangeable brush heads.
Want a dentist-like clean? Call the Tooth Fairy(will)! (Walmart)

Brushing your teeth is, of course, essential to your oral health. So it's worth shelling out for a tool that will provide a clean so good, your choppers will look (and feel) like you just got home from the dentist. If your current toothbrush isn't cutting it (and it probably isn't), grab the bestselling Fairywill Electric Toothbrush, which delivers 40,000 plaque-slaying strokes per minute. Its sonic technology helps to lift stains and food particles more effectively than a manual toothbrush. It's also rechargeable, so you'll never have to go a day without it. "My teeth never felt cleaner!" raved a shopper with pearly whites. "I feel like I'm getting my teeth professionally cleaned."

$20 $70 at Walmart

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