Walmart Shopper Pays for Man's Groceries After His Card Is Declined

A Walmart customer who stepped in and paid for another shopper’s cart of groceries was applauded for her gesture after a clip of the moment was shared to Facebook on October 17.

San Antonio resident Anna Melissa Olivarez was in the queue at the Walmart Supercenter in San Antonio, Texas, when a woman, whom she dubbed “sweet San Antonio Angel” after she decided not to give her name, stepped in to pay for a man’s groceries after his payment method was declined numerous times.

Speaking to local media, Olivarez said the woman paid for the man’s items after his card, which she says was a gift voucher, was declined five times and he didn’t have another method of payment.

“I told her how sweet that was to witness and she said, ‘We gotta help each other out.’ She wouldn’t tell me her name, so I said, "I’ll call ya the sweet San Antonio Angel then,’ " Olivarez wrote on Facebook. Credit: Facebook/Anna Melissa Olivarez via Storyful