Walmart+ swoops in to save my yard with same-day delivery! What does your lawn need?

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Walmart+ is like a handy helper for your yard. (Photo: Getty Images)
Walmart+ is like a handy helper for your yard. (Photo: Getty Images)

I confess. I murdered my mint. 

Mint is unkillable, you say? Well, I pulled it off. No, I didn't mean to. The heat hit hard last week.

Examining my smallish yard, I noticed other plants beginning to shrivel. The weather app warned of seven straight days of sun ahead.

We try to keep it low-maintenance. There’s a spit of grass, but we’re letting violets and clover take over. A few native plants are scattered about and a semi-happy grapevine. But with so little shade — only a few young trees at the edges — our yard takes a beating from the sun.

To circumvent more damage, I started to hook the rain barrel up to a sprinkler for a quick soak! The sad collection of broken sprinklers my husband set out stopped me in my tracks.

“These sprinklers don’t work, babe,” I said. 

“Oh, don’t toss those. I can fix them," my husband said. (Again.)

We had this exact conversation last year. His eternal hopefulness is endearing, but I had a different plan.

I knew Walmart+ could deliver a new sprinkler, a mint plant and more to our doorstep that very day. Exciting, right? The retail giant's same-day delivery service has expanded beyond groceries and fresh produce to include garden needs and more. So I simply typed in my wishes, and Walmart+ delivered by nightfall.

Walmart+ has been a great help to us already — and I'm not even an official Walmart+ member yet. I'm still enjoying my free 30-day trial (initially I signed up for 15 days, but a few questions got me another 15). When that trial is up, I can continue the service for either $13 per month or $98 per year.

Check out some of the items I found to replenish our yard!

Expert Gardener Three-Arm Whirling Sprinkler with Weighted Base

When life gives you brutal sun, make rainbows! (Photo: Walmart)
When life gives you brutal sun, make rainbows! (Photo: Walmart)

Sorry, dear husband, but the deadline has passed for your sprinkler rehabilitation project. Our thirsty little lawn will love this new sprinkler, as will our bird and butterfly friends. 

With a 50-foot reach, it's perfect for watering our carpet of "mixed greens" as well as the trees and shrubs at the farthest corners. The adjustable arms grant control of the pattern, speed, angle and spread. It's durable and the weighted base prevents tipping. 

Flex-Able Hose Xtreme, 50-Foot

Honey, I shrunk the hose! (Photo: Walmart)
Honey, I shrunk the hose. (Photo: Walmart)

Retractable hoses are my latest obsession. This one expands to 50 feet and shrinks down so much it can fit into a small bucket. Brilliant! Plus it doesn't kink, tangle or become cumbersome in any way. It behaves!

We needed another dedicated hose to connect our rain barrel to the sprinkler. This setup will not only save our parched yard but also help us save water and money.

Mainstays 12-Inch Plastic Self-Watering Globe

If your gardening style is laissez-faire (or lazy), these watering globes will keep your plants going strong! (Photo: Walmart)
If your gardening style is laissez-faire (or lazy), these watering globes will keep your plants going strong. (Photo: Walmart)

Our maidenhair ferns require more attention than I can give. This 12-inch watering globe is a great solution for keeping indoor and outdoor plants hydrated. It slowly dispenses water on an as-needed basis. 

While I typically prefer glass to plastic, I really like that this is shatterproof since our yard has squirrels, kitties and kiddos scampering about. Two bucks is such a great deal that I grabbed a few.

Misco Home & Garden Green Resin Watering Can

This really hits the spot. (Photo: Walmart)
This really hits the spot. (Photo: Walmart)

While we're watering things, I'd like to get my first-grader in on the fun. She has her own plants to take care of, including those in her playhouse window planter. 

My big watering can is a bit much for her to handle, and it pours too heavily for her delicate flowers. This 56-ounce watering can is the perfect size for light watering. Bonus: Bright green is currently her third favorite color!

Eliminator 1-Gallon Multipurpose Pump Sprayer

Pick your poison. (Photo: Walmart)
Pick your poison. (Photo: Walmart)

We prefer to keep patio and sidewalk weeds at bay. This gallon sprayer is a good size for my nontoxic but effective weed-away potion (about a gallon of vinegar, one cup dish soap, and one teaspoon salt). The wand allows me to target what's growing in those cracks and crevices without killing other greenery. The sun finishes the job.

Whatever liquid you choose, this see-through tank allows you to monitor the levels. The low-effort pump simplifies the task. 

Organic Mint Live Plant

Mint to be! (Photo: Walmart)
Mint to be! (Photo: Walmart)

Circling back to that mint that I neglected (RIP), I vow not to let that happen again. Luckily, Walmart+ delivers a little selection of live plants too, including this $3 organic mint

This plant will spread to fill out my planter in no time. Thank goodness, because it's mosquito-and-mojito season at my house. The mint not only repels those pesky skeeters when I lounge near the planter but it also keeps my drink tasty.

That sounds really good right about now. You've done it again, Walmart+!

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