Wallaby found hanging from a tree in Tas

Ethan James

A dead wallaby has been found tied with rope and hanging by its neck from a tree branch in northwest Tasmania.

Police have launched an animal cruelty investigation after the grisly discovery near a BBQ area at a riverside reserve in Wynyard.

Officers stumbled across a photo of the wallaby uploaded by a member of the public to a local Facebook page on Tuesday morning.

The post has since been removed.

"We're obviously very concerned, it's a serious act of cruelty," Tasmania Police Sergeant Craig Harvey said.

"For it to be left in a public place where members of the community see it and could be affected by it, that's very concerning for us."

The wallaby has been taken for tests to determine exactly how it died.

"I couldn't say at this stage whether it was alive when it was hung up or if it was already dead," Sgt Harvey said.

RSPCA Tasmania CEO Jan Davis described the act as appalling and designed to create distress.

"This is a deliberate act of animal cruelty - pure and simple - and there is no excuse for it," she said in a statement.

"We hope that those responsible for such an abhorrent act are found and punished accordingly."

Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Penalties in Tasmania for aggravated animal cruelty are up to five years' jail or a fine as large as $30,000.