'Kills my faith in humanity': Waiter slams customer's 'gross' note

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A waiter has shared his disappointed after he received not one but two unwelcome tips from a table of customers he served recently.

The waiter explained on Reddit that he wears a face mask at work every day in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and recently a table he served gave him a lousy monetary tip and some unsolicited advice.

The server shared a photo of the receipt to Reddit, which proves the table enjoyed a $75.44 meal, but tipped just $6.56.

As an added insult, at the bottom of the receipt the customers had scrawled their advice to the server: “Learn to smile!”.

A waiter was left with two tips, neither of which impressed him. Source: Reddit/Getty Images
A waiter was left with two tips, neither of which impressed him. Source: Reddit/Getty Images

The waiter didn’t specify where he lives, however it could be assumed he lives in the US, as tipping at restaurants is customary and the standard is usually 15 per cent of the meal.

Many online disgusted by customers ‘gross’ actions

People on Reddit were not impressed with the customers and their “s**tty attitude”.

“GROSS. As someone who was a waitress for a year and a half, I feel for you,” one person remarked on Reddit.

“You are putting your health and possibly life at risk for your job, something most people never do.

“I unfortunately see this shitty attitude a lot with people my age (40s). Really sorry this happened to you.”

Waiter reveals he had suffered Covid infection

The waiter later responded and said he had actually caught Covid-19 at work a few months ago and it “f**ked up” their body.

“I actually got COVID from work a few months ago and it kinda fucked up my body, and I still deal with people like this fairly often,” he said.

“Really kills my motivation and faith in humanity sometimes lol.”

The waiter clarified in one of the posts on Reddit that he is male, after someone asked if he was female because they “get the same BS even with the mask”.

“I know women generally experience this sort of thing a lot and that's super shitty,” the waiter said.

“If I had a dollar for every ‘you should smile more’ or ‘what's wrong?’ when I was just trying to mind my own business,” someone else said.

Someone else referred to the customers as “ungrateful a**holes” and suggested they learned how to tip properly.

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