WAG's horrific injuries after breaking up vicious dog fight

The wife of a former AFL star has been forced to undergo a blood transfusion after breaking up a dog fight on the corner of a Melbourne street.

Annie Nolan, the wife of former Bulldogs player Liam Picken and mum of three, posted images on Instagram on Sunday of her bloodied hand and one of the injured dogs following the incident.

Ms Nolan said she was driving home with friends from a fundraiser for Pets Of The Homeless, when she saw the two dogs brawling on the corner of Barkly and Victoria Street in Footscray and jumped out of the car.

Annie Nolan said she was bitten by one of the dogs while trying to break up the attack. Source: Instagram

The 30-year-old, who pens a blog named Uncanny Annie, said a larger dog appeared to have bitten another smaller white dog while the pair were waiting at a set of lights with their owners, according to The Herald Sun.

While trying to break up the fight, Ms Nolan says the larger dog bit her on the hand, piercing her thumb with its tooth.

After being rushed to the hospital, where she said she’s undergone a blood transfusion, the mum made a plea on social media to find the owner of the larger dog – but insisted she does not want the pet euthanised. 

The smaller white dog was rushed to hospital after the incident. Source: Instragram

She said the larger dog was on a leash and their owner “did all they could”.

“We DO NOT wish ill for this owner or the dog. Simply need contact in hopes they will cover vet bills, inform me if they have any blood-borne diseases (as I am in emergency getting blood work done), and we are concerned for the welfare of him and his young daughter who witnessed it,” she wrote. 

The small white dog was taken to the vet following the fight.

Annie Nolan is seen with her husband, former Bulldogs player Liam Picken. Source: Instagram

She said the owner of the larger dog suffered massive injuries to his hand and left soon after.

“I’m pretty sure he might have lost fingers – hope he’s ok,” she said. 

Commenters urged Ms Nolan to report the incident, but she insisted she only wanted to chat with the man and turned down an offer of legal advice.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Ms Nolan for comment.

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