Knifed WA pelican captured after two weeks

A pelican that had a large knife skewered through its neck has been treated and set free after it gave WA Parks and Wildlife rescuers the runaround for more than two weeks.

The injured bird, which lives in the Great Southern tourist town of Denmark, became an internet sensation after it was filmed walking on the riverbank with a 30cm knife through its neck.

It was reported to WA Seabird Rescue on January 18, with volunteers spending several days trying to catch the pelican alongside conservation staff and local rangers.

It is not known who attacked the pelican.

The slippery seabird was finally caught and treated by a vet, before being released back into the wild on Wednesday.

Parks and Wildlife officer Ian Wheeler said pelican entanglements were quite common in coastal areas, mostly with fishing line, but it was the first time one had been found with a knife lodged in its neck.

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