WA animal advocate awarded Aus day honours

Lynne Bradshaw is happier talking about animal welfare than she is with self-promotion.

But the Perth businesswoman and RSPCA WA President admits her leadership skills have helped in her 30-year career guiding both charities and businesses on the path to success.

First elected as RSPCA WA president in 2004, Ms Bradshaw has led the animal welfare charity from a small group of volunteers, into a respected organisation with a $10 million budget.

She became the first woman to be elected president of RSPCA Australia in 2006, where she took on federal politicians in 2011 over the group's support for a live cattle export ban.

The medical technology business owner, who emigrated from the UK to Australia in 1985, said she was amazed to learn she had been appointed a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia.

"I'm absolutely stunned, honoured and humbled," she told AAP.

She says the award does not belong to her but the whole RSPCA team.

Ms Bradshaw is being recognised on Friday both for services to business and her significant contribution to animal welfare at the state and national level, particularly in the fight for live export and farm management standards.

She says she is most proud of RSPCA initiatives which have increased community awareness of animal cruelty.

As a child growing up on the fringe of Manchester, Ms Bradshaw would help on farms during school holidays, where her love for all creatures great and small began.

"My friends knew I had a soft spot for animals so they used to bring me injured wildlife," she said.

She has set her sights on tackling what she calls a "lack of respect" for Australia's native fauna.

"I believe we don't treat our wildlife with the respect they deserve," she said.

"If we don't do something we'll lose them."

Ms Bradshaw says being appointed an AM reminds her she has been volunteering for more than 20 years and gives her the will to do more.

"I have the energy to go for another 20, absolutely. As long as they still want my help."

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