Police have seized cannabis, ecstasy and speed bought from an underground website described as an "eBay for drugs" after two teenage brothers were allegedly caught importing the drugs to Esperance from Melbourne and Canada.

The brothers, aged 15 and 17, were last week charged with possessing cannabis with intent to sell and supply.

They faced further drug charges, including possession of LSD, when they appeared in Esperance Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Police allege the pair bought the drugs through a website known as The Silk Road, which has been operating for about 18 months.

Officers want the website identified because they want parents to be aware of their children's internet habits.

The Silk Road employs sophisticated security measures and a digital currency that eliminates the involvement of banks.

Users must first download a free program that masks the true identities of both the buyer and seller by "bouncing" communications among a network of relays operated by volunteers across the world.

Once that software is downloaded, users can access the underground marketplace where they can search for their drugs of choice.

Searches produce prices per weight and also include reviews of the sellers - including people whose product and service has been rated highly or poorly by users. The website includes information on how to package, handle and distribute the drugs.

Users can also access information on how to avoid scrutiny by police and get feedback on the quality of the drugs on offer.

Users must use a digital currency that is not regulated and difficult for law enforcement agencies to trace.

The boys' parents approached Esperance police because they were concerned at packages they were receiving through the mail.

Staff at the local Australia Post sorting depot had also become concerned. Detectives launched an investigation dubbed Operation Cinder and identified the source of the drugs as The Silk Road.

The West Australian

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