WA to get first shark proof barrier

The WA government has approved the construction of an underwater fence designed to repel sharks.

Western Australia will have its first shark-proof fence this summer, after the state government approved the construction of an underwater barrier in Dunsborough.

Just days after another shark attack in WA waters, the trial of a shark-proof beach enclosure was revealed.

The beach at Old Dunsborough - one of the South West's most popular beaches - will host the trial with a $160,000 underwater fence designed to repel sharks, not trap them.

The barrier will extend approximately 100m from the shore and run parallel with the beach for approximately 300m.

Similar barrier systems have been in operation on the Gold Coast to protect against bull sharks.

"This enclosure is designed to keep swimmers safe while ensuring marine animals, including sharks, are not trapped in the netting," Mr Barnett said.

Scientists at the University of WA also revealed they will be researching shark deterrent measures including using sound, light and bubbles in coming months.

This will also involve testing on great white sharks, who have been responsible for many of the attacks in WA waters, including earlier this month on abalone diver Greg Pickering.