WA man not guilty over hit-and-run


A man who hit a 19-year-old woman with his Mercedes-Benz in Perth, then continued home has been found not guilty of failing to provide assistance to the victim.

But a WA District Court jury did find him guilty on Friday of failing to report the crash.

Sophia Muiruri was a newcomer to Australia from Kenya and was crossing against a red pedestrian signal at a Subiaco intersection when she was struck by David Clarke's luxury vehicle on the night of September 16, 2015.

She suffered serious injuries, including skull and spinal fractures, and bruising of the lungs.

Clarke had his bail renewed and will face a sentencing hearing on May 24.

The court heard during the trial that Ms Muiruri underwent surgery to remove part of her skull and relieve pressure on her brain.

Clarke's defence lawyer Vesna Amidzic said her client, then aged 27, initially thought someone had thrown something at his car.

She said he became aware he was possibly responsible for an accident when he heard sirens and saw lights flashing on the street below his apartment, which overlooked the intersection, so he went downstairs and spoke with police.