WA man killed by police had 'large knife'

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A man has been shot dead by police in suburban Perth after he allegedly rushed at officers while brandishing a large knife.

Police were called to the 35-year-old man's Padbury home at around 10pm on Sunday to assist paramedics after an apparent self-harm incident.

Superintendent Tony Flack said the man was bleeding profusely when officers arrived.

"As they've approached the front door, a fairly large male - covered in his own blood, naked, brandishing a large knife - has run at them and unfortunately they've had to discharge their firearm," Supt Flack told reporters on Monday.

Supt Flack said he had viewed body-worn video footage and believed officers had acted quickly and professionally.

"I'm very proud of the way the officers handled themselves," he said.

"They certainly prevented further injury."

Detectives remained at the scene on Monday and will interview the home's other residents as part of their investigation.