WA man charged over bizarre rampage


A man has been charged over a bizarre rampage on Department of Fisheries officers in Perth's south.

Police say the two uniformed workers were sitting in an unmarked car surveilling the Riverton Bridge Park area last month when the man threw a broom handle at their vehicle and tried to start a fight.

The fisheries officers tried to drive away, but the 42-year-old man then allegedly got into his car and rammed into them, damaging both vehicles.

It's alleged the man then used a hammer to hit the fisheries car. The officers tried to drive away again, but police say the man then drove up next to them and threw a metal bar at them.

The officers were able to get on to Riverton Drive East, but the man allegedly drove next to them on the wrong side of the road and sped up to get in front of them, before reversing back towards them.

The fisheries officers were then able to get away and contacted police.

The man faces multiple charges, including assaulting a public officer and damaging property.