WA judge reserves cold case rape verdict


A Perth judge is considering his verdict in the case of a man accused of raping a teenager 28 years ago after he was charged following DNA analysis as part of a cold case review.

The accused was once linked to the unsolved murder of Supreme Court registrar Corryn Rayney in 2007.

Ivan "Finky" Eades, 52, had a judge-alone trial in the District Court of WA this week, with prosecutors alleging he sexually penetrated the 14-year-old at a Girrawheen townhouse in October 1989 after he prevented her leaving.

Prosecutor Simon Watters told the court the now 42-year-old woman became upset several years ago when she heard Eades' name on television in relation to his DNA being found on a cigarette butt that was discovered outside the Rayney family home in Como.

Mr Watters said the state did not rely on that DNA for the trial and the cold case review was "entirely separate".

The woman wept as she gave evidence via videolink from a separate room, saying she went to the townhouse with a friend and the older teenager's boyfriend, who brought along a man known as "Finky".

She said she tried to leave not long after arriving, but Eades stood in front of the door to stop her.

He then allegedly dragged her by her arm to an upstairs bedroom, where he raped her.

"I tried to get away ... but I couldn't," she said.

"He pushed me on the bed, kissed me and that. Horrible."

The woman said she unsuccessfully tried to get away by telling Eades she needed to go downstairs to the toilet and eventually broke free, running to a neighbour for help.

Judge Bruce Goetze will hand down his judgment on September 8.