Costly chicken: Driver ran red light to get ‘Nandos for kids’

We’ve all heard some brilliant excuses over the years for running a red light, but this one is literally finger-licking great!

One Aussie driver has been caught out by police running a red light and was issued with an infringement.

The ‘excuse’ he gave the officer was “I’m in a rush to get the kids Nandos”.

Is this a valid excuse? Police officers thought not. Source: WA Police Twitter
Is this a valid excuse? Police officers thought not. Source: WA Police Twitter

Sadly the reasoning for the less-than desirable driving didn’t cut it with the cops and he was issued with a $300 fine and also hit with six demerit points.

Now that’s some expensive chicken.

The incident occurred in Western Australia and local police uploaded the ticket to social media accompanied by the following warning, “Nandos Chicken is good but lives are put at risk every time you drive through a RED TCL, there simply is no excuse!!!”

WA Police often take to social media to post various tickets that they write with varying degrees of crazy excuses from members of the driving pubic.

Another such ticket that was posted online was for a earner driver who was caught going 41km/h over the limit with a blood alcohol reading of more than 0.05.

His excuse was, “I’m doing it for my mum, it’s a long story.”

Another driver was caught doing 125km/h in an 80km/h zone, however was adamant he was only travelling at 109km/h, seemingly still over the limit.

The message from police is clear, slow down!

The Nandos can always wait.

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