WA dad drops appeal over family murder

Anthony Harvey has abandoned an appeal against his life sentence for murdering his family

A Perth father obsessed with serial killers, who slaughtered his three young children, wife and mother-in-law, has dropped an appeal against his sentence of life without parole.

Anthony Robert Harvey pleaded guilty to murdering his family and became the first person in Western Australia ordered by a judge to never be eligible for parole.

He sought to fight the decision and took his case to the WA Court of Appeal, arguing the sentence was "unreasonable", but he has since discontinued the application.

Harvey was aged 25 when he killed two-year-old twins Alice and Beatrix, three-year-old Charlotte and their mother Mara Lee Harvey, 41, at their Bedford home on September 3, 2018.

He killed grandmother Beverley Ann Quinn, 73, when she visited the next morning.

Justice Stephen Hall said during sentencing that there was no case truly comparable.

"Your actions were so far beyond the bounds of acceptable human conduct that they would instil horror and revulsion into even the most hardened of people," he said.

Justice Hall said Harvey failed in his duty as a parent "in the most extreme way imaginable".

Harvey wrote in a journal about embracing his "darkness and animal instincts" and "doing the unthinkable to unshackle" himself from his family.

Ms Quinn and Ms Harvey were hit on the head with a 1.2 metre pipe and repeatedly stabbed with a knife almost the size of a machete, while the children were killed with a smaller knife.

Harvey stayed at the house for days, then travelled about 1500km north to Pannawonica, where he turned himself in to police on September 9.