WA couple buy closed SA wildlife sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary in the Adelaide Hills that closed four years ago has been purchased by a West Australian couple who plan to bring it back to life.

David Cobbold and Narelle MacPherson, who own the Peel Zoo south of Perth, have bought the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary for an undisclosed amount.

The sanctuary in Mylor was founded in 1969, but its last owners, ZoosSA, closed it in 2013.

The new owners say they will restore it as a premium tourist attraction, with the wildlife complemented by food, accommodation and function facilities.

Mr Cobbold says the restoration will be similar to the beginning of the Peel Zoo, which they purchased as a derelict bird park.

It is now home to about 100 species of predominantly Australian animals and is a breeding site for the critically endangered Tasmanian devil.

"There's not a lot you can't achieve if you have the vision and the work ethic," he said in a statement.

Ms MacPherson said some of the sanctuary's animals were still there despite it being abandoned four years ago.

"That gives us a strong foundation so we can reinvigorate Warrawong as a jewel in the crown of the Adelaide Hills," she said.