Voters back stronger climate action: poll

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Voters across every federal electorate have backed stronger action to reduce emissions, and rejected new coal and gas plants, ahead of the election.

YouGov polling shows more than a quarter of voters rate climate change as the most important issue for the next election expected in 2022.

Half of coalition supporters want greater climate action and one-in-five indicate the issue will determine their vote.

Just over 60 per cent want Australia to at least halve its emissions by 2030, while 71 per cent don't see coal or gas as part of the country's energy future.

The Australian Conservation Foundation-commissioned polling surveyed more than 15,000 voters.

Census data such as population density, education and household income was combined with the research to estimate how issues would play out across specific areas.

YouGov said this allowed for the results to be broken down by electorate and demographics in a statistically reliable way.

It showed 29 per cent of inner-metro voters and 26 per cent of people in rural electorates rated climate change as an important election issue.

For ACF chief executive Kelly O'Shanassy, this shattered the myth there was one view in the bush about climate change and another in the city.

Queensland grazier Angus Emmott, on the board of Farmers for Climate Action, said people in the bush had the most to gain from taking action.

He wanted leadership from the federal government, but wasn't optimistic this would occur.

"It's the lack of leadership at the government end that is leading to lack of confidence in investment and lack of progress in this crucial policy issue," Mr Emmott told AAP.

The Morrison government hasn't committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, but says it's a preference to do so as soon as possible and preferably by that date.

Its current target of reducing emissions between 26 and 28 per cent on 2005 levels by the decade's end has been met with international criticism.

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