Volunteers re-chalk iconic horse figure

Dusk at the Cherhill White Horse in Wiltshire
Dating from the late 18th century, the Cherhill White Horse is the third oldest of several such white horses in Great Britain [Getty Images]

More than 100 volunteers have helped to re-chalk an iconic 244-year-old white horse figure in Wiltshire.

The Cherhill White Horse, south of the village of Cherhill near Caln, was given a makeover on Saturday morning.

The 18th century landscape is owned and maintained by the village of Cherhill who help to re-chalk it every two years.

Cherhill White Horse Restoration Group chair Rob Pickford said: "We hope that keeping it topped up every other year is going to keep it going for our lifetime.

The horse is the second oldest in Wiltshire and one of nine in the county.

"Traditionally it's always been looked after by local landowners or people in the village," said Mr Pickford.

The horse figure had a major restoration in 2002 and has been maintained every two years since.

"Cherhill White Horse can be seen from a long way away. It is a natural white horse so it does look a bit green at times," continued Mr Pickford.

"But we can keep it white with a bit of help."

Volunteers bagged up the chalk into small bags and loaded them up onto palettes to take up the hill where the white horse is located.

They formed a human chain to land the bags down onto the horse to top it up with fresh chalk.

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