Voller restrained as 12yo in NT detention

Christopher Talbot

The teen whose mistreatment sparked the NT juvenile justice royal commission was strapped into a restraint chair multiple times starting at age 12.

Footage of Dylan Voller being tear-gassed, spit-hooded and shackled to a restraint chair prompted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to call the inquiry.

It was revealed on 60 Minutes on Sunday night that he had been restrained multiple times, starting when just 12-years-old.

Mr Voller said the longest time he was held in isolation was a month and a half.

"You feel lonely. You feel like there's no-one there and no-one cares. You start talking to yourself and going mad," he said.

Being restrained also made him "angrier and think more about suicide" but his suicidal thoughts were brushed off as attention seeking by staff, he says.

The 19-year-old was jailed in 2014 for a violent, ice-fuelled crime spree but granted bail in February to undergo the Alice Springs BushMob program.

He has a new outlook on life since the program and says he's tried to contact the victims of his crimes to apologise.

He says he ready to change his life and his biggest regret is having used ice.

"Every young kid is worth something and with a little bit of help they can turn their life around. I'm a result of that. Probably thinking about studying law," he said.

Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.