Volkswagen driver praised over 'cheeky' car park move - would you do the same?

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A Melbourne driver has been praised for their creative solution to a parking problem — even if the legitimacy of the park is questionable.

The Volkswagen Golf was spotted at Eastland's Shopping Centre in Melbourne on Tuesday, parked in an area marked with a curved white line — presumably to mark the corner of the car park.

A picture of the car's park was posted to a private Facebook group where many pointed out that although it wasn't technically a car park it was still between two white lines — even if it is in a dubious spot.

Facebook users praised the driver for their creative park, even if it wasn't technically a car park.
Facebook users praised the driver for their creative park. Source: Facebook

Commenters praise the driver for their 'genius' move

The Facebook post garnered over a hundred comments with most in support of the unusual spot.

"I actually don't mind that," one amused user wrote. "Very creative and fits in."

"Well it's within the lines so technically it's parked very well," another pointed out.

"Technically this isn't a parking spot but I give him credit for fitting between the lines perfectly," another wrote.

"Also if people cut around the corner and damage his car they would be terrible drivers".

"Great parking job well done," praised another. "Would do the same if my car fit".

"It's in the lines don't see any problem here," agreed another. "Nothing's sticking out — perfect parking".

"That's genius," another wrote. "Taking up one less spot so better for everyone and not in the way of anyone else. Give that person a medal."

Others voiced some concerns over the "cheeky" park.

"I'd be worried about being sideswiped by an idiot driver taking that corner," one Facebook user mused.

"But it fits so good on them for thinking outside the box and staying inside the box!"

"The only potential consequence here is if you come across an idiot driver," agreed another.

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