'Voice' contestant whose mom died before she left gives heartbreaking audition

During the last night of the blind auditions on The Voice Tuesday, Kelly Clarkson waited until the last contestant of the episode to fill the final spot on her team. That singer ended up being 29-year-old Parker McKay, who turned out to have a heartbreaking backstory.

Five years ago, Parker says her mother "started acting drastically different." Ultimately, her mother was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, which affects behavioral skills and short-term memory. While Parker said it eventually became hard for her to even have a conversation with her mom, she was able to share the news that she was going on The Voice, and her mom was "excited."

Parker's mom tragically died right before she left for her audition, the day before her birthday. "I was so lucky because both my dad and I were able to be there with her, right by her side, holding her hand until she took her last breath. You know, she saw me into the world and I saw her out," said Parker.

Before she hit the stage, Parker shared, "I can't believe that I have to do this part without her. I'm just ready to make her proud." Well, Parker sure made her mom proud, when she officially joined Team Kelly, who only learned of her new singer's backstory after she walked onstage to share a congratulatory hug.

Kelly shared, "In the blinds, we don't get the whole story, but I was really glad that I was moved enough to turn around because sometimes, in life, when it rains, it pours. You just need a break, you know, in the storm, and I'm really glad that she's on my team. I'm not going to cry."

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