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Virus cases rise as mandatory reporting ends

National COVID-19 cases have risen slightly in the final week before mandatory reporting of positive cases comes to an end in Australia.

The ACT government on Thursday confirmed it would remove its requirement for residents to disclose COVID-19 infection.

From Tuesday, people living in Canberra will no longer have to report their positive test to ACT Health, although they are still strongly encouraged to do so.

The ACT is the final state or territory to remove mandatory reporting.

It comes as the latest federal health department data shows a slight increase in average daily COVID-19 infections.

The national average rose to 2618 daily cases in the week to Friday, up by 1.2 per cent on the previous week.

The largest jump in cases was in Tasmania, where the daily average rose by 34.3 per cent.

That was followed by the ACT, where there was a 8.3 per cent jump.

Victoria and Queensland were the only jurisdictions to record a decline in infections, dropping 8.7 per cent and 4.2 per cent respectively.


* Victoria: 3052 cases, 33 deaths

* NSW: 6545 cases, 47 deaths

* Queensland: 3950 cases, 26 deaths

* Northern Territory: 106 cases, no deaths

* Western Australia: 2278 cases, two deaths

* ACT: 525 cases, no deaths

* South Australia: 1777 cases, 14 deaths

* Tasmania: 489 cases, two deaths