Virgo Daily Horoscope – September 18 2019

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Saturn direct

The heavy-duty planet Saturn is changing directions now. In one way, it’s a good thing because it means you no longer have to keep going over the same old same old lessons you’ve been learning … on the other hand, it also means there are going to be some new lessons to learn now, as Saturn heads through Capricorn. Are you ready to learn the lessons life is teaching you? Here’s where Saturn is for you in 2019.

Where is Saturn for you?

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This cycle will see Saturn make a harmonious aspect to your Sun. This is most auspicious. Saturn is not the most feelgood planet of them all, he’s not the first planet you think of when you contemplate good times, parties and/or hot sex, and yet when he’s working in your favour, he rocks. In a harmonious trine to your Sun as he is this year, Saturn not only bolsters you, he helps you get your life running like a well oiled machine, like a train which runs on time, and like a plan which works out well. Without breaking your back, you are able to make great strides forward now. Saturn is the builder of the zodiac and you have him working in your favour now, helping you build structures you‘ll be able to rely on. In fact, much of the work you put in now is preparation for when Saturn opposes your Sun in a few years time. Between now and then, put in place the structures which will help you withstand future tests and challenges, because that is what Saturn is about. He sets us up, tries and tests us and gives us a report card. This year could also see you building your reputation, which could also stand you in good stead in the future.

You also need to know that Saturn is in the part of your chart related to leisure and pleasure, kids, creativity and romance. His presence here could mean that the fun and games you enjoyed in the past become a channel for learning now. What was once a hobby could become a job. Love affairs which were light and bright could become more serious and require some restructuring as the year plays out. One caution—Saturn in this part of your chart suggests that now is not the time to gamble or speculate financially. Saturn doesn’t like risks, especially here in your horoscope. If you are the creative type, this could be the year your hard work produces results. You might bring your work together to mount an exhibition, for example. If you’re a writer, this could be the year you finish your Magnus opus. Whatever you do that’s connected to creativity, take a disciplined approach for best results.

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