Virgo Daily Horoscope – 02 September 2023

Today I wanted to do something different – I chose a card for each star sign from my new Moonology Messages oracle card deck which hasn’t been released yet but is already a best-seller! Find out how to get the cards and some great bonuses here!

Before you read futher, take a breath and bring your most pressing issue to mind, or set what question pops us, or just ask the Universe for life guidance… and now read on …


The practice of Moonology involves, at the very least, processing your feelings – at Full Moon and again at Dark Moon. How are you doing with that? Drawing this card suggests you have some feelings you need to release, for your own good as well as for the good of anyone else involved in the situation. Now is the time to let your feelings show, too. Bottling them up so that no one knows how you really feel isn’t heathy, obviously. If you’re doing that, stop! Consider working on your throat chakra with chanting, breathwork, or singing. Literally go out and howl at the Moon. You’re not at the end of this story yet, so this card can’t tell you what the end will be – it’s up to you to create it. But part of that journey toward your answer involves you releasing your throat chakra and expressing yourself. If the situation or your life feels blocked now, processing your feelings could be the key to unblocking. Feel them and deal with them. Negativity blocks your powers.

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