“Virgin River” season 5 finally reveals Charmaine's baby daddy

“Virgin River” season 5 finally reveals Charmaine's baby daddy

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Virgin River season 5.

Ohhh mama, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) has one hell of a secret.

On season 5 of Virgin River, we finally learn the identity of the father of Charmaine's twins — and it's... big bad Calvin (David Cubitt).

Through the previous two seasons of the Netflix series, Charmaine resolutely insisted that her pregnancy was the result of her on-again, off-again affair with Jack (Martin Henderson). But in season 4, after a major health scare, the hair stylist confessed that she'd been lying and the twins are not actually Jack's babies.

The mystery of the father's identity looms large over season 5 with Charmaine refusing to name him, insisting the man in question isn't cut out to be a father. But in the season's final moments, drug dealer and general bad dude Calvin — who was presumed dead after a boat explosion, even though his body was never found — emerges from the shadows. Charmaine is getting into her car as he approaches her, walking with a cane, and tells her that he wants to know his boys.

Virgin River
Virgin River

Netflix Lauren Hammersley on 'Virgin River'

OMG, Charmaine, what did you do?!

"No wonder she didn't tell anyone, because it was Calvin," Virgin River director Gail Harvey quips.

There are still two more episodes of season 5 (both special holiday episodes) to come this year, so perhaps we'll get more information there. But no matter what, this is sure to complicate matters. While Calvin is generally a bad dude, he also has a hostile relationship with Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack and has played a big role in dragging Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) into a life crime.

"It's going to be complicated," Harvey teases. "That's probably something that we'll get into more in season 6. That's what I love about Virgin River. It's all the twists and turns. It's like life really — how so many weird things go on and how do you deal with it and where do you go from there? What will that mean for her relationship with Jack and Mel and how will Calvin be? The whole thing with Brady. All of it is very, very complex."

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