Virgin Australia outage leaves passengers stranded

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Passengers on Virgin flights across the country were delayed by several hours ahead of the weekend due to a global systems outage.

Virgin Australia tweeted on Friday about 5.20pm flights were being impacted by the outage as it affected check-in and boarding systems.

“We are working to resolve ASAP,” it tweeted.

People lined up at a crowded airport due to delays caused by a Virgin Australia IT outage.
People have reported delays of up to two hours at major airports across the country. Source: Twitter/ OldGoldenSnitch

ABC reporter Kathleen Calderwood, who was waiting on a flight in Melbourne, tweeted passengers were told there was "no timeframe for a resolution".

The airline instead encouraged people to check the status of their flights online.

The delay caused frustration for passengers across the country.

One man tweeted he had been stuck on a plane in Melbourne for an hour and a half.

Another claimed he was on the Sydney tarmac for two and a half hours.

One passenger said she had been stuck on the tarmac for almost three hours without any information or communication from staff.

"Totally understand that issues happen however updates and communication to those sitting on tarmac for nearly three hours would be appreciated pls. Or just let us off. Or offer a snack, even... thank you!" she wrote on Twitter.

Others tweeted photos and video of crowded airports with people waiting to check-in.

Issue resolved hours later - but travellers not happy

Just after 8pm, Virgin tweeted that the issue had finally been resolved.

"We’re pleased to let you know the global system outage has been resolved," the airline said in a tweet.

"To all our guests travelling this evening and ahead of the weekend, thank you for your patience tonight. We’re working to get you on your way as soon as possible."

Dozens of infuriated travellers responded to the post blasting the airline for poor communication during the outage.

Travellers wait in queues and find seating on the floor while they wait for the airline's issue to be resolved.
Travellers wait in queues and find seating on the floor while they wait for the airline's issue to be resolved. Source: Twitter/Kathleen Calderwood

"You’ve also royally messed this up, where’s your contingency planning and communications to staff, customers or anyone?" one man questioned.

Others were directed to call the airline's contact centre, which had closed for the day.

Passengers in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide airports were still scrambling to rebook flights, find hotels and get refunds late on Friday evening.

"I acknowledge the gravity of system issues but there is no excuse for poor processes and communication. Absolutely poor form," one woman said, while another implored the company to "do better".

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