Virgin Australia apologises after boy was forced to sleep in function room

Virgin Australia has launched an investigation after a nine-year-old boy was forced to sleep in a Melbourne Airport function room.

John Meredith was flying to visit his grandmother in Sydney on Thursday but storms caused a diversion to Melbourne.

With no accommodation available due to the city hosting the first F1 race of the season, John ended up staying in a function room with two other children.

John was forced to sleep in a storeroom when no accommodation was available. Source: 7News

His mother Meredith has criticised the airline, who she claims left her in the dark over John’s whereabouts.

“It was at that point the staff member said that she would call in the morning and my mother said ‘no please tell me what hotel you’re going to with John’,” his mother Katie Meredith recalled.

Staff made a makeshift bedroom with boxes for the children. Source: 7News
The airport is now investigating the incident. Source: 7News

“The scariest thing for me is not how my child was treated, it was ‘where is my child?’”

The airline has apologised to the family for any breakdown in communication and will now investigate the matter further.

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