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Swiss swelter as summer sizzles

Swimming, boating and playing in sprinklers -- the Swiss do whatever it takes to cool off as temperatures soar. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Spain swelters in heat wave

Tourists and locals alike are enduring a heat wave in Madrid that has seen temperature rise to more than 36 degrees Celsius - or 98 Fahrenheit - with worse expected. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Annoying Your Girlfriend With a Claw on a Stick

Why spend a huge amount of money taking your girlfriend out for a night on the town when you can have all the fun in the world with something worth £0.99? That was surely the thought running through Rob Pugh’s head when he bought a cheap extendable claw and proceeded to annoy his girlfriend endlessly with it. Despite his girlfriend’s protests that Rob’s behaviour wasn’t funny, he proceeded to use the claw for all the everyday tasks he had to do. Credit: YouTube/Rob Pugh Videos

Truck Pulling Is Much More Fun With RC Cars

AB Palacios is a keen fan of remote control cars. In this video from 2012, he warms up for an event by having some fun with other aficionados. These trucks may be small, but they pack some power as they pull cinderblocks, flip over ramps and go head-to-head in order to crown the king of the mini-monsters! Credit: YouTube/AB Palacios

Remarkable Elephants Reveal Their Love of Basketball

If travels are meant to broaden the mind, then Agnieszka’s recent trip to Thailand must have done that and more. On a visit to the remarkable Maesa Elephant Camp, she encountered an elephant that reminded her of the famous basketballer Michael Jordan. Just like a children’s holiday camp, the elephant herd spent their days painting and playing football, but it seems their real talents lay in the sport of basketball! Credit: YouTube/Mszdziecha

More Panda Cubs Born at Chengdu Research Base

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has becoming a nursery with the successful birth of yet another giant panda cub. iPanda, a social media group which shares video and images from the research facility, announced that 17-year-old Xi Xi gave birth to a healthy club in the Bifengxia Base.Xi Xi’s labour comes only days after a set of twin males was born to Qian Qian in the same base.The video seen above shows Lu Lu, a giant panda who came to media’s attention following his record-breaking mating sessions with two different female. Credit: YouTube/ iPanda

Cows, Cops and a Farmer in Accidental Benny Hill Tribute

Traffic is never welcome, but it might be more tolerable with this kind of roadside entertainment! As he travelled to work in Scotland, Adam was bemused to witness a herd of cattle making their way swiftly along the grass. The bemusement quickly turned to hilarity however, when a police van and a farmer gave chase in a scene lifted straight from Benny Hill! Credit: Facebook/Adam Kelly

Bikers Escort Teenager to Prom

Rose had been having a tough year so her friend took it upon herself to recruit some helpful bikers with the aim of surprising her at prom! Surely Rose wasn’t expecting over 60 bikers, from the Bournemouth and Poole Bikers group, to rock up to her front door in order to give her one uniquely special prom escort. Credit: YouTube/DeadHead

Moving Day Blues Made Fun

Michael and his friends highlighted the difficulty of moving apartments and not being able to afford a real moving company. Introducing Budapest’s, and possibly the world’s, first skateboard moving company, the uploader can be seen in the video to skate two large items through the streets of the city; a mattress, and a small desk. The reaction he gets from pedestrians and motorists is priceless. Credit: YouTube/ohsparks

Flyaway Pumpkin Reaches Record High With Catapult Shot

Bobby’s father invited him to a dinner party that a family friend was hosting in November 2014. When they arrived at the friend’s house, they discovered that he has a massive homemade trebuchet, which is a type of catapult. There were two launches before this video was recorded, but this one went the farthest. Bobby remembers this launch sent the pumpkin a great distance of about 400 feet. Credit: YouTube/grundo

Paris time lords extend Greek deadline

Greece will gain fractionally more time to meet a midnight deadline to pay its IMF debts, thanks to a move by international time arbiters in the Paris Observatory. Elly Park reports.

Saint Bernard Puppy Chases GoPro

RJ is the latest addition to Joshua’s family and it’s obvious that he fits right in. Joshua decided to record RJ during his first exploration of his new backyard via GoPro. Little did he know that the fluffy puppy would take a great liking to the camera. It seems RJ had a successful first foray based on how quickly he disregarded his surroundings in order to chase the strange new toy. Credit: YouTube/LifeWithRJ


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