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Cat Displays Remarkable On-the-Ball Skill

Ball games for pets are more typically associated with dogs than cats. Echo the kitten can more than hold his own in this regard however. He displays an impressive deftness, agility and flair as he repeatedly brings a range of ping pong balls under his expert control. Credit: YopuTube/Hamilton Kammer

An Extreme Rice Crispie Challenge

Rice Crispies are quite the multi-faceted food. They serve as a straightforward breakfast cereal for some, but as the key ingredient in a range of delectable treats for others. As big a fan of the food as the star of this video is, we wonder if perhaps he has bitten off more than he can chew! Credit: YouTube/Grigorie Armasaru

Girl Attempts Five Pound Ramen Challange

Nela Zisser is a New Zealand model with a healthy appetite for competitive eating. Her latest challenge shows her chowing down a heaping helping of 5.3 pounds of ramen. It took Nela 10.37 minutes to complete this challenge and she has qualified for the final, which will take place on July 18. Credit: YouTube/Nela Zisser

Orange Sky Forms Over British Columbia After Brush Fire

Firefighters in British Columbia fought a brush fire near Nanaimo on July 4 which left a lasting effect on the local area. As far away as Victoria, an orange sky was spotted overhead and local resident Dave was awed at the brilliant impact this had on his camera. Dave remarked that his camera had trouble focusing because of the light, but it’s still easy to see how beautiful the sky became. Credit: YouTube/Dave Hyun

Duck Breaks Little Girl's Heart

They say you never forget your first heartbreak. All this generous little girl wanted to do was to share her sandwich with a new duck friend she had just met. Carefully kitted out in a princess outfit, she enthusiastically rushed over to offer some of her lunch to the duck, only for him to fly away disinterestedly. Credit: YouTube/Viva Frei

School of Rock Cat Style

Michael is an extroverted cat who likes to live life on the edge. Sledding, motorcycling and hip-hop are just some of his diverse range of hobbies. It should come as no surprise to find that he is also likes to play the drums in a heavy metal rock band. This cat’s energy levels are as admirable as his wide-ranging skill set. Credit: YouTube/AaronsAnimals

Drone Films Captivating Fireworks Show

Charles was enjoying the festivities that come with July 4th when he decided to get as close to the fireworks as possible whilst staying safe. Using his drone, he was able to get up close and personal with the pyrotechnics, all the while capturing some amazing footage. Credit: YouTube/Spencer Whiting

Baby Seals Enjoy a Natural Slip N' Slide

Filmed in at the Ohau Waterfall in New Zealand, these playful baby seals have started exploring their surroundings and seeking out their own adventures. Majestic in the water, but far from graceful on land these seal pups have ventured away from their pod and have started finding their feet, (or in their case flippers), in the world! Credit: YouTube/The Factory

Homeless man finds YouTube fame

A homeless man finds online fame in Russia after launching a video blog that shows his daily struggles on the streets of Moscow. Roselle Chen reports.

Planes Float to a Stop

Crosswinds at Birmingham Airport have generated a series of interesting landing videos. This video is a compilation of several moments when crosswinds in the area caused planes to appear as if floating above the runway for much longer than usual before being able to land. Nervous passengers should perhaps avoid this video, or Birmingham Airport altogether! Credit: YouTube/flugsnug

Brave Cat Tries to Save Kitten

Michael is a cat of many talents, sadly rescuing his feline friends from non-existent peril does not seem to be one. When he notices that a kitten has become stuck up a tree he immediately scurries off and gets on his trusty miniature firetruck. Unfortunately he crashes it before he gets anywhere near the stuck kitty, causing the onlooking kitten to literally face-palm, or in this case, face-paw.As epic as this daring rescue is we have reasons to suspect that Michael’s owner has implemented some video editing skills in this video! Credit: YouTube/aaronsanimals

Emotional Five-Year-Old Girl Becomes a Vegetarian

Noel wasn’t sure how to explain to his daughter why people eat animals when she became tearful at the description of a farmer’s job. Five-year-old Indie Rose immediately decided to become a vegetarian, and according to her mother Nicole, she hasn’t eaten meat since that day in March 2015. “She wasn’t pushed into anything…no one in my family is a vegetarian,” Nicole said on Facebook. “I’m not allowed to even kill a fly in my house.” Credit: YouTube/Noel Grace