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Cows, Cops and a Farmer in Accidental Benny Hill Tribute

Traffic is never welcome, but it might be more tolerable with this kind of roadside entertainment! As he travelled to work in Scotland, Adam was bemused to witness a herd of cattle making their way swiftly along the grass. The bemusement quickly turned to hilarity however, when a police van and a farmer gave chase in a scene lifted straight from Benny Hill! Credit: Facebook/Adam Kelly

Bikers Escort Teenager to Prom

Rose had been having a tough year so her friend took it upon herself to recruit some helpful bikers with the aim of surprising her at prom! Surely Rose wasn’t expecting over 60 bikers, from the Bournemouth and Poole Bikers group, to rock up to her front door in order to give her one uniquely special prom escort. Credit: YouTube/DeadHead

Moving Day Blues Made Fun

Michael and his friends highlighted the difficulty of moving apartments and not being able to afford a real moving company. Introducing Budapest’s, and possibly the world’s, first skateboard moving company, the uploader can be seen in the video to skate two large items through the streets of the city; a mattress, and a small desk. The reaction he gets from pedestrians and motorists is priceless. Credit: YouTube/ohsparks

Flyaway Pumpkin Reaches Record High With Catapult Shot

Bobby’s father invited him to a dinner party that a family friend was hosting in November 2014. When they arrived at the friend’s house, they discovered that he has a massive homemade trebuchet, which is a type of catapult. There were two launches before this video was recorded, but this one went the farthest. Bobby remembers this launch sent the pumpkin a great distance of about 400 feet. Credit: YouTube/grundo

Paris time lords extend Greek deadline

Greece will gain fractionally more time to meet a midnight deadline to pay its IMF debts, thanks to a move by international time arbiters in the Paris Observatory. Elly Park reports.

Saint Bernard Puppy Chases GoPro

RJ is the latest addition to Joshua’s family and it’s obvious that he fits right in. Joshua decided to record RJ during his first exploration of his new backyard via GoPro. Little did he know that the fluffy puppy would take a great liking to the camera. It seems RJ had a successful first foray based on how quickly he disregarded his surroundings in order to chase the strange new toy. Credit: YouTube/LifeWithRJ

Toddler Loves to Longboard With Daddy

When you’re a baby with a longboard manufacturer for a dad, crawling just doesn’t seem to cut it. Jared designed this device specially for his young son so the pair could enjoy quality time together while on the move. Braden Boards may have made sales in over fifty countries, but it’s likely there has been no sweeter moment for this Missouri dad than when his toddler refused to get off his cool new board!Music credit: Tell Me (Instrumental) by Alialujah Choir Credit: Jared Braden

Motorbike Fan Creates His Very Own Mower

People have all sorts of dreams and ambitions, yet only some have the motivation to turn those into a reality. Jack’s dream was a little unconventional: to build his very own motorbike mower. Some hard work and a little ingenuity paid off and while he didn’t produce a machine that’s especially wonderful at cutting grass, it seems he did have a whole lot of fun in the process! Credit: YouTube/Jack Bussey

How to Give a Chair a Speedy Send-Off

Throwing out a beloved piece of furniture can be a difficult experience for anyone. John thought it would be only fitting to give his chair a proper send off as he set it free. Decked out in safety gear, he ‘chaired’ down a slope near his home at speed, allowing the seat reveal its secret power to all who saw the spectacle! Credit: YouTube/John Nelson

Water Overflows in Baby Bubble Bath Disaster

Bathtime can be a fun and frustrating routine for the kids and the parents, but rarely does it get so out of control as on this occasion. Jonathan’s wife found herself watching helplessly as the water overflowed because the automatic cleaning jets on the tub would not stop. As frustrating as it may have been for their mother, the two boys had a lot of fun! Credit: YouTube/Oompah100

Paris time lords extend Greek deadline - by a second

PARIS (Reuters) - By pure chance, Greece will gain fractionally more time to meet a midnight deadline on Tuesday to pay its IMF debts - thanks to a move by international time arbiters in the Paris Obs...

What Happens When an iPhone Meets an Old-School Radio?

Have you ever wondered what might happen if a traditional radio alarm clock met a modern iPhone? Seemingly, there’d be something of a stand-off between the 20th and 21st century technologies. As it turns out the two don’t play nice together as the alarm clock immediately begins to emit a cackling noise as soon as the iPhone is placed near it. Credit: YouTube/Joey Rexford

Goats, Dogs and Chicks Live in Happy Harmony

This is not quite Noah’s Ark, where two of every animal was housed, but it’s still a lot of animal friends to have in one place! June 2015 was a busy time of the year for these gentle and protective guardian dogs, Duchess and Pharaoh, with new babies to take care of. With baby goats jumping and twirling, chicks pecking, ducklings peeping, and a sweet muntjac deer that likes to lick everything, there’s never a dull moment here! Credit: YouTube/Lil’Critterz

Gazan Teenager Demonstrates Artistic Talent With Famous Replica

13-year-old Mohammad Qreqi revealed his artistic talent to the local community in al-Shujai’ya, Gaza, in April 2015, at a time when controversy was erupting over the work of British artist Banksy in the region. Mohammed recreated a replica version of the Greek goddess Niobe on the same type of door that Banksy used. Mohammed told TIG Media: “I wanted to recreate it and show that I and many others here also have talent that can be recognised”. Credit: YouTube/TIG Media