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Norwegian Sailor Loses Control Amid Strong Winds

Berthold was sailing to the northern tip of Spitsbergen, Norway, in 2010 on a journey that started on a calm note. However, after several hours at sea, the wind got stronger and Berthold lost control of his steering. The boat heeled severely and Berthold was thrown behind the wheel. He caught the scary incident on video, showing just how ferocious the sea can be. Credit: YouTube/Berthold Hinrichs

Kitty Driver Helps Owner's Dream Come True

Aaron had a burning ambition to attempt a crazy stunt he had seen in a video and flip over a moving car. When his cat came on the scene, he had the perfect assistant. Just like in the best cartoons, puss hogged the steering wheel and made straight for Aaron, who gave it his best shot. While he may not have landed as smoothly as the video star, it looks as though he may be teaming up with his feline friend for more mischief again soon! Credit: YouTube/AaronsAnimals

Affectionate Mastiff Cuddles His Kid Goat Housemate

Dogs are often keen predators of goats, so the the affection shown by giant Mastiff Gracie to little kid Ella was beyond sweet. The young goat found herself wet and cold when she accidentally jumped into a bucket of water. Despite their rule of no barn animals in the house, her doting owners brought her inside to dry her and warm her up. Gracie, the family dog, was more than happy to assist in the cuddling! Credit: YouTube/Sunflower Farm Creamery

Identical Kid Goats Are Two Very Distinct Characters

Moms are usually keen to stamp out any sibling rivalry amongst their kids and it’s no different in goat families. Charlotte and Harper may be just two-weeks-old and look identical, but already they have have very different personalities. While Charlotte is shy and sweet, Harper is always looking for attention and won’t take no for an answer. It’s up to their mom to keep both of her kids’ distinct personalities in check! Credit: Hope Hall

Canadian Dog Doesn't Understand Glass Doors

Sometimes, it’s almost too easy to have a giggle with animals. When his 15-year-old dog Bear was keen for a snack, owner Andrew decided to play a little game. As he dangled a biscuit in front of a glass door, Bear was left in a state of pure confusion. Try as he might, he just couldn’t seem to grab the treat! Credit: YouTube/HeroTheyCallMe

A Collection of Moments From Glastonbury 2015

The five-day Glastonbury Festival is a much anticipated annual event for music fans worldwide. It also provides an opportunity for people to express themselves through a wide range of artistic mediums. Callum paid a visit to the 2015 festival and put together a video production showing some of the most memorable moments from the event. Credit: YouTube/Callum Bickers

Surfing With the Children on Father's Day

Viewers of Cody Iddings’ YouTube channel have gotten to know young Cassius since he first started learning to surf when he was barely two years old! By the time Father’s Day 2015 rolled around, Cassius had learned so much in the year gone by. On a picture perfect coast near San Diego, Cassius appeared extremely happy with his progress. Credit: YouTube/Cody Iddings

Crocodile bridezilla, kitten-owl bffs, what's next?

Owl-kitten best friends become Japanese internet sensation, and watch out for this crocodile bridezilla as she ties the knot with the city's mayor in this week's animal round up. Gavino Garay reports.

Storyful's Best Viral Videos of the Week, July 3

Storyful started off its week of viral videos with a family visiting a North Carolina beach and witnessing a huge bull shark being reeled in. An even bigger hit was a short video of a New York City police officer dancing with a participant of the annual Gay Pride parade. If that wasn’t heartwarming enough, a homeless man in Sarasota, Florida, playing the piano should be the next thing you watch! Credit: Various

Young Boy Has a Stern Warning for Tony Abbott

This cute seven-year-old has a stern warning for Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott: “If you don’t stop, then none of us will survive.” His mother, Hannah, uploaded this video on July 2, saying that her son burst into the room one night demanding that she call Abbott. Unfortunately she didn’t have the Prime Minister’s phone number to hand so instead offered to record his message with the hopes that it would reach its intended target online. Credit: YouTube/Hannah Powell

Iconic UK warplane up for auction

A rare and fully-restored World War Two British Spitfire warplane is coming up for auction in London. Paul Chapman reports.

What if Gay Guys Said the Things Straight People Say

Comedian Daniel-Ryan Spaulding had fun poking at some stereotypical phrases in this hit viral video which asks the question: What if gay people said the stuff straight people say? Sayings he tries out on a friend include “When did you realize you were straight?”, “Oh, what did your parents say?” and “That’s so straight!” His friend begins to back away in mock disgust when Spaulding deepens his voice in a bid to sound tough and straight. Credit: Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

Safari-Style Guide to a College Gym

A college gym is a unique ecosystem. It is a natural habitat for many, but avoided at all costs by others. TristanTales has helpfully provided this safari-style guide to help educate those unfamiliar with this terrain and its inhabitants. Credit: YouTube/TristanTales

Daredevil Dolphin Released After Hijacking Family Boat

The Frickman family had the surprise of their lives recently when this daring dolphin decided to hijack their boat! Their initial delight at seeing the pod of dolphins swimming alongside quickly changed to shock when one of them launched itself onto the deck, breaking both of Ms Frickman’s ankles. The poor dolphin injured himself in the process, but as seen in this video, it was soon safely released back into the ocean. Credit: YouTube/Courtney Frickman

Shia LaBeouf Treats Fans to More Freestyle Rapping

Shia LaBeouf impressed fans gathered in South Dakota on June 27 by breaking out into an impromptu freestyle rap. The Transformers actor scored a recent viral hit with an impassioned speech and has caused a stir once again with these strong lyrics. In reference to the film in which he starred, LaBeouf didn’t hold back. He said, “Transformers is the dummy rap”. Credit: Facebook/Corey James