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Young Great White Shark Swims Under Kayak

Giancarlo Thomae, who was out paddling his kayak in Monterey Bay in California on Tuesday, June 30, to get a close look at sharks, got a closer view than he expected as one swam directly under him. Thomae, who often photographs sharks in the area, described his encounter in a local news report. He can be heard in the video describing the shark as a juvenile great white. Credit: Giancarlo Thomae/

Interview With the Homeless Pianist After His Viral Success

A video of Donald Gould, a homeless man playing piano in Sarasota, has taken the internet by storm. The video was seen over 200,000 times in two days. The original video was recorded by Aroar Natasha and uploaded to YouTube by his son. The day after Gould’s performance went viral, they bumped into him again on the street and asked him how he felt about the video’s success as well as the story behind his musical talent. Credit: YouTube/Sly Dylan

This Cat Is Unlikely to Return This Chair to the Humans

Timo is an outgoing ragdoll cat who lives in the Netherlands. He values his chill-out time above all else. He recently ventured into his young housemate’s chair for some downtime and discovered to his pleasant surprise that, not only was it comfortable, but it contained a built-in entertainment system! Credit: YouTube/Xiedubbel

Angry Spider Attacks Desktop Cursor

While Edward was working, a spider jumped onto his iMac. Edward was curious how it would react to the cursor and got a little chase going. It appears the spider shook its feelers in frustration as it realised the cursor was too quick for him. The struggle between natural life and artificial intelligence continues. Credit: YouTube/Edward Palmquist

Naughty Panda Tries to Play With Its Lazy Friend

On a visit to China in July 2015, Goska was watching a lazy panda who wanted to get a rest on a wooden platform. However, its friend was in the mood for playing. The naughty friend tried to take down the other panda from the wooden platform. So determined was this playful panda to have a game that it wouldn’t let its lazy companion climb back up to its resting place, even using its teeth to hold her in place! Credit: YouTube/Swiatoczamigoski

Crafty Cat Won't Finish His Veggies

Michael is one mischievous cat who, apparently, does not enjoy his veggies. As soon as Michael hears his owner approaching he takes evasive action and hides in a strategically placed bucket. It may stand to reason that some of Michael’s expressions and movements are doctored via skillful video editing but we like to believe there’s a cat in existence somewhere that has mastered the art of looking shifty. Credit: YouTube/AaronsAnimals

Dad Proudly Introduces His Pigeons

Whether it’s vintage cars, fishing, or another pursuit, dads have been known to become quite attached to their own hobbies and passions. This man is happy to indulge in such an expectation. He’s very fond of the pigeons he keeps and takes great pride in introducing them on camera. Male, female, young and old, the birds appear to enjoy a life of luxury in this US home. Even the family’s dog leaves them in peace! Credit: Parker Hajiaskari

50 Years Gobbling Grass

The silage harvest is an important event on the agricultural calendar each year. Condensed into small pieces, the grass or other plant provides winter feed for livestock. Ever since Pa bought his first hire machine back in 1965, the Brennan family have been providing important services, like harvesting, to farms across Ireland. It could be said, they have spent fifty years gobbling grass! Credit: YouTube/Paul Brennan

Brother Springs Wedding Day Surprise

A wedding is a time for the whole family to gather round and celebrate. When Christian turned up on his brother’s big day, therefore, the groom was overjoyed by the pleasant surprise. The party became more special and is sure to be one they’ll never forget! Credit: Christian Bravo

Dog Flips Out at Owner's Reflection

Remi the dog grew up in this Californian home without ever seeing a reflection in this window. There were always large curtains drawn across it. When his doting owners decided to do some home renovations, however, the curtains had to go. Suddenly, Remi spotted Arman. He appeared to be outside, but the pooch couldn’t quite be sure. Baffled by the sight of his owner’s reflection, Remi totally flipped out! Credit: YouTube/Arman Minasian

Hungry Dachshund Enjoys Corn on the Cob

We’ve previously watched Ammo the Dachshund have fun playing with bubble wrap, his favourite toy in the world. In June, Ammo’s owner revealed that he has a favourite food as well, and it’s corn on the cob. Kyley shared this video of Ammo happily devouring the treat, but warned dog owners never allow their pet to chew on corn on the cob unsupervised, to protect them from the choking hazard. Credit: YouTube/Kyley D

Swiss swelter as summer sizzles

Swimming, boating and playing in sprinklers -- the Swiss do whatever it takes to cool off as temperatures soar. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).