Viral ‘millionaire’s wife’ posts over-the-top videos to intentionally anger viewers

Viral ‘millionaire’s wife’ posts over-the-top videos to intentionally anger viewers

A “millionaire’s wife” has reportedly been posting lifestyle videos on TikTok meant to provoke outrage from viewers.

Linda Andrade - who goes by @lionlindaa on the app - is a 24-year-old content creator based in Dubai and California. She’s built a social media brand on TikTok chronicling the luxury lifestyle she shares with her husband, Ricky Andrade. On his website, her husband referred to himself as a “visionary millionaire investor and entrepreneur” and wrote that he earned his fortune through day trading.

Andrade has labelled herself the “Original Dubai Housewife” on TikTok, where her videos have garnered millions of views. However, her content has largely not been well received by viewers, nor accurate to Andrade’s actual lifestyle. She is also an entrepreneur off social media, but she has reportedly taken on the “housewife” label because she doesn’t contribute to household bills.

In an interview with Insider, Andrade said her “spoiled persona” is largely fabricated. She immigrated from Jordan to the US at a young age and explained that she didn’t grow up with a lot of money. Instead, she uses the persona to capitalise on the “luxury content” trend growing in popularity on TikTok.

While the trend is popular, the majority of users who create luxury content tend to receive intense backlash - and Andrade is no exception.

While some viewers find Andrade’s “over-the-top” videos to be aspirational, many people have found her videos to be out of touch. In June, she posted a video where she chronicled a shopping spree, in which she not only bought two $7,000 Chanel bags but also rented a car to drive her around the mall because she didn’t feel like walking. According to the video, she spent $16,540 in total throughout the day. She titled the TikTok: “How much I spent in a day as a millionaire’s wife,” and turned it into a series.

The video has since received over 10.7m views, as well as several people in her comments section criticising the glorification of her wealth and excess. One comment with 6,127 likes read: “And here I am struggling to keep the lights on in my house, this sorta waste makes me ill.”

Andrade told Insider that she purposely exaggerates aspects of her videos for views. For example, she revealed that she actually bought the “24K Gold Coffee” seen in the viral video on a different day, but admitted that she did buy two Chanel bags in one day.

Other critics have called out Andrade for complaining about her wealth, with many calling her “tone deaf”. In one video, the entrepreneur explained to viewers some of the “worst” things about being married to a millionaire, including having “too much food” and her husband buying her “too many things.”

Speaking to Insider, Andrade said that she tries to make her videos “more ridiculous” so that viewers don’t take her expensive lifestyle “seriously.”

However, Andrade uses the online backlash to her advantage, having grown her TikTok account to 734,000 followers with several viral videos under her belt. She explained to Insider: “I took a marketing class, and if you can make someone feel something, whether that’s happy or sad or angry, you’re going to get a response. So for me, the easiest way for me to do that is to make people angry.”

While she’s “not mad” that outrage has led to online growth, she does have bigger aspirations outside of luxury content, including eventually appearing on reality TV.

“I do want to change it eventually and create an actual, reputable brand of myself,” Andrade said.

The Independent has contacted Andrade for comment.