Vigilantes 'hog-tie' man, hold him in boot of car after he 'raided cars'

Kamilia Palu

A group of anti-crime activists who claim they are dedicated to protecting the streets of Darwin say they captured a man they caught “raiding cars” and held him hostage in the boot of their car.

The Darwin Crime Rally/Protest page shared a photo of the suspect showing him ‘hog-tied’ with a rope tied around his neck, hands and feet.

A large hunting knife, a screwdriver and a bottle of alcohol sit alongside the man.

The group claims they caught the man and several of his friends “trying to raid cars” in the suburb of Rosebery.

When confronted, the man allegedly threatened the group with the knife.

The group posted the photo along with this explanation. Photo: Facebook

“His mates got away, and until we find them, this guys (sic) new home is in the boot of our car,” the group wrote on their page on Sunday night.

“We have tried doing the ‘politically correct way’ of getting things done but nothing’s happening despite the promises of people like A.G…”

‘A.G.’ refers to Adam Giles, the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, who the group claim is not doing enough to lower the rate of crime in Darwin.

In March, Giles revealed statistics showing 22 per cent drop in alcohol-related crime - but the group remained unconvinced.

“After several meetings we have had recently we are noticing a pattern… getting told time and time again by leaders of our territory and communities that "things take time”, the group posted in March.

The group say Chief Minister Adam Giles is not doing enough to lower crime rates. Photo: AAP

“What we want to know is, how much time is needed to get changes regarding tougher laws or punishments for repeat offenders?”

The photo of the man tied up, face down on the ground spurred hundreds of comment on social media, with most users applauding the group for their actions.

“Fully support this. The do-gooders and law-makers will complain about it but if they had have done their jobs properly we wouldn't need vigilante action,” one man wrote.

“This deserves a round of applause!” said another.

Others, however, were concerned that the group’s approach to the incident will land them in hot water.

“This kind of s**t will land you in jail real quick. You cannot just tie someone up, you can attempt to hold and detain them. But that there is deprivation of liberty,” one Facebook user said.

“You're punishing him for breaking the law? Last time I checked kidnapping and assault was against the law?? Doesn't that mean you're contradicting the whole reason your group is together?” another questioned.

The man was tied up and 'arrested' in the suburb of Rosebery. Photo: Google Maps

The group do not seemed concerned about the repercussions of their actions.

"We will be taking action into our own hands from now regardless of the outcome," they wrote online.

Police have condemned the group previously and said they are aware of Sunday’s incident.

News break – June 13