‘The View’ Host Sara Haines Says Biden ‘Needs to Step Down and Be Replaced’ After Debate; Alyssa Farah Griffin Tells Biden to ‘Put Country’ First and ‘Step Aside’

“The View” hosts Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin spent 10 minutes at the start of the June 28 episode discussing the disastrous first 2024 presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Both Haines and Griffin agreed that it’s time for Biden to step down as the Democratic nominee based on his physically poor performance at the debate, although Haines stressed that she would still vote for him if he decides to remain in the race.

“It was really hard to watch and it pains me to say this today, but I think President Biden needs to step down and be replaced,” Haines told her co-hosts. “If we want to defeat Donald Trump in November then I absolutely think that. I think Biden’s team saw it coming. That’s why they pushed for an earlier debate, so they would have time to change course if needed. But they’ve got to act fast, and I would implore those closest with the President to have the very hard conversations they’re going to need to have and not just for political ramifications, but for humanity, his integrity and his legacy. That’s all on the line right now.”

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“Democrats need to stop spinning the age problem,” she continued. “A lot of people are concerned with his age and the Democrats have twisted themselves into a pretzel saying, ‘Don’t believe your lying eyes. It’s not true.; Joy Behar is 81. Joy Behar at 81 is not Joe Biden at 81 and that was on full display last night. But let me be clear. If November comes and Donald Trump and Joe Biden are on the ticket, I will 100% be voting for President Biden. The alternative is too scary for me. But I fear that many people in that country do not feel the same way.”

Griffin agreed with Haines, saying she was “genuinely shocked” by Biden’s performance during the debate and calling it “stunningly worse than I expected.” She reminded viewers that Donald Trump was also disastrous and “lied his way through it,” but Biden’s physical weakness was so bad that it outmatched Trump’s nonsense.

“Biden’s performance was so bad it eclipsed everything Donald Trump said,” Griffin said. “Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy. We need someone who can beat him…[Joe] needs to put country before his own ambition and he needs to step aside and pass the baton. Mark my words, if it’s Trump vs. Biden, it’s going to be Trump.”

Navarro defended Biden more passionately, saying she was not going to let a 90 minute debate trounce Biden’s larger history of being a respectable politician.

“Until Joe Biden tells me he’s giving up, I’m not giving up on Joe Biden,” Navarro said as the audience cheered. “The binary choice remains the same. He looked elderly and sounded elderly and is elderly, but the choice is no different. It was a very old man vs. a very bad man.”

Watch the “The View’s” full segment on the debate below.

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