‘The View’s Ana Navarro “Disgusted” By Democrat “Divas” On CNN Wanting Joe Biden To Step Down: “Why Don’t You Call The F***ing White House?”

Ana Navarro is slamming the wall-to-wall coverage on CNN and other news networks surrounding Joe Biden following the presidential debate, questioning if he should step down.

The View co-host is taking some time off but took a break from her vacation to turn on the news and was not happy with what she saw.

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“I went for this wonderful swim in the Gulf Coast and then I came back and turned on CNN and got pissed all over again,” Navarro said in an Instagram post. “Our airwaves are full of pundits and former Democratic elected officials … and donors or whatever anonymous sources talking to other outlets calling on Joe Biden to step down.”

She continued, “You want Joe Biden to step down? That’s fair. But you know what? The guy has served our country his entire lifetime, since he was like 28 years old. I think he’s earned the right to a little respect. You want him to step down? Why don’t you call the f***ing White House?”

Navarro, a frequent on-air contributor on CNN, suggested that the Democratic surrogates and elected officials could contact Biden’s camp to express their opinions instead of airing them on TV.

“In the meantime, Republicans are loving every minute, laughing as Democrats eat their own and go through a circular firing squad,” she said. “Republicans have no qualms, zero, about getting in line behind the guy who’s a convicted felon, been found liable for fraud, slept with a porn star…”

Navarro said that the debate on the TV networks is about Biden’s mental acuity “and nobody’s talking about whether the other guy is morally fit to serve,” adding, “But Democrats, instead of giving this president a little respect, they go straight to the media to be divas… I’m disgusted.”

Biden’s ability to run for office came into question following the first presidential debate last week, during which the current president appeared frail. Democrats have urged Biden to step down from the presidential run, and the White House recently said Biden would not resign.

“The President is clear-eyed, and he is staying in the race,” Karine Jean-Pierre said to the White House Press Corp. “I don’t have anything else beyond that. He is staying, he’s staying in the race.”

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