Camps in Idlib Stretched as Civilians Flee Fighting Between Syrian Army and Islamic State

Hundreds of families who have fled fighting between Syrian forces and Islamic State in Uqayribat, a town east of Hama, Syria, have overwhelmed local reception centers in Idlib, which lack enough basic necessities for them, a reporter there said.On September 16, families were directed to two camps north of Idlib, one in Mezzanaz run by Maram Foundation, and the other in Marat al-Ikhwan, which is run by Saad Charity. Hundreds of civilians have been fleeing from Uqayribat since the beginning of September.In a video recorded at the Maram Camp by Ibrahim Yasouf, a reporter in Idlib province, a man describes the lack of food and medicine for those who survived the journey to the camp.In a video recorded at Saad Camp by the same reporter, a boy says bombing drove them from Wadi al-Azeeb, where they had no water or food. He says they urgently need milk for babies.A woman in Saad Camp says everyone and everything in Uqayribat, where they are from, has been destroyed. Credit: Ibrahim Yasouf via Storyful