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Maccas chook mystery

Melbourne Police have encountered a real life 'why did the chicken cross the road'?

Waterspout hurls jumping castle into air

Excitement turned to terror when a water spout came ashore at a Florida beach, picking up two inflatable castles and throwing them six metres into the air.

Preschool report card

A ratings system has been established to help parents find the perfect preschool for their children. Mike Duffy reports.

John Nash killed in car crash

John Nash, the American mathematician whose life inspired the Oscar winning film A Beautiful Mind, has been killed with his wife in a car crash. Angela Cox reports.

Terror threat getting worse

The Federal Government is now alarmed over the terrorism threat in Australia and has admitted the problem is growing worse. Tim Lester reports.

Mobile camera blockers could face fines

Anyone parking directly behind a mobile camera to stop it catching speeding drivers could find themselves facing big fines. Chris Maher reports.

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